A downloadable game

Futurised is a Sci-Fi platformer, and is currently in Pre Alpha Verison 1.02. You can download this game for free, but there is a recommended donation of just $0.39, which will go towards funding the game.

This is a very early version of the game. There is A LOT to be added.

Update Log:

v 1.03 - 20/12/2015 (2 updates in one day!):

In-game instructions added

README file added

v 1.02 - 20/12/2015:

Blocks added

End of level :D

v 1.01 16/12/2015:

Character added

Movement added

Cylinder and dustbin added

v 1.0 15/12/2015:

Game development started

Install instructions

This will only run if the .exe file and the data folder are in the same location (so if you put them both on the desktop it will run fine, but not one in your downloads folder and one on your desktop).


futurisedprealpha.zip 27 MB